My First Novel

Ian Minielly’s first novel about a young lady discovering the past she was never told existed.

Emily’s Tears is my first novel. I began writing it in December 2018, after contemplating the story for a number of months. After tearing up through the first chapter, I decided to take a small break in hopes I could type with clear eyes after the passage of some time.

When I took up writing again in February of 2019, I changed the story and decided the story needed to be short enough for reading in one sitting. I set a personal goal to bring the reader into the emotion of a family experiencing this kind of trauma and figured if people read a typical book over many days and sittings, the full range of emotion would be dulled by the extended duration involved in the reading.

Therefore, with Emily’s Tears, I wanted the book to be short enough for reading in one or two sittings so the full emotional load would be felt by the reader. I would love to hear if Emily’s Tears accomplished this goal.

2 thoughts on “My First Novel

    1. Hello Amy, Emily’s Tears is available via Amazon at this link, The book can also be downloaded via the Kindle Machine at Amazon for free if you are a a member of the KDP Select group.

      I hope you find the book valuable and it resonates with you and that you would be willing to provide an Amazon review after reading it. I recommend trying to get through it in one sitting or two at most. I purposefully kept the book short to enable the emotion of the story to fully reach the reader and move them with Emily’s Tears.


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