Do Not Lose Faith…ever

The first parents of Emily in Emily’s Tears held out great hope she would contact them. They went above and beyond to follow her from afar and be involved, without rupturing or risking her adopted home life.

Dear Annie published a letter recently from a birth mother that gave her son up for adoption. The mother was only 14 when she got pregnant and while she did not want to give up her son, she realized she could not adequately support her son, so she gave him up.

For the next 45 years she never gave up on him and prayed for him often. Namely she prayed that he would know he was never not loved or unwanted. She wanted her son to know she loved him, but she also never actively looked for him, because she did not want to cause problems for his adoptive family. She stayed silent and alone.

After 45 years, her phone rang and it was her son. Her prayers were answered. She was finally able to talk to her son. This is the dream of adopted kids and their parents. They long for this contact. Ed and Linda longed for it. Do not give up hope or trusting in God. These prayers get answered and family’s will unite again.

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