Low Income Parenting

The State considers people with low(er) incomes substandard parents.

“In Michigan, for instance, more than 90% of all child welfare cases cite “neglect” as one of the factors leading to child removal.

The parental rights group has identified one factor that is likely to result in the loss of children from a home, having a low income. Who would think being poor would be equated with bad parenting. My thought on this is the poor do not have the resources to fight the State in court, so taking the children of the poor and giving them to wealthy folks makes good business sense for DHS/CPS.

Despite the impact it has on the children and their natural family.


My First Novel

Ian Minielly’s first novel about a young lady discovering the past she was never told existed.

Emily’s Tears is my first novel. I began writing it in December 2018, after contemplating the story for a number of months. After tearing up through the first chapter, I decided to take a small break in hopes I could type with clear eyes after the passage of some time.

When I took up writing again in February of 2019, I changed the story and decided the story needed to be short enough for reading in one sitting. I set a personal goal to bring the reader into the emotion of a family experiencing this kind of trauma and figured if people read a typical book over many days and sittings, the full range of emotion would be dulled by the extended duration involved in the reading.

Therefore, with Emily’s Tears, I wanted the book to be short enough for reading in one or two sittings so the full emotional load would be felt by the reader. I would love to hear if Emily’s Tears accomplished this goal.